Review: Nightwing #95

by Matthew Lloyd
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Review: Nightwing #95
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers}

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art: Bruno Redondo with Caio Filipe
Colors: Adriano Lucas
Letters: Wes Abbott


Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd



In Nightwing #95, Dick rescues Melinda and brings in a group of friends to hit Blockbuster and Maroni where it counts. It’s their one chance to take a bite out of organized crime in Bludhaven.


We should start at the beginning, as the positives begin on the cover by Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas.  Redondo has put together a number of stunning and innovative covers for Nightwing, and with Nightwing #95, he’s done it again.  Just have a look for yourself above (and below in a larger image).  “Nightwing Crossing?”  Brilliant!  It stands above the “action” in the issue and is an iconic representation of Nightwing.  It not only conveys the adventure, but the fun and whimsical aspects of Dick Grayson’s characters.  

Things continue at a high level on the inside.  The first few pages are quite cinematic as we get a wonderful splash page with a breathtaking Nightwing entrance (just whose breath is he taking?) which is followed up with another laugh out loud moment Dick and Melinda get an assist from Audre who removes Blockbuster from their path.  Not spoiling it, just be ready for it, ok?

When the meat of the issue gets going and Dick and Melinda lay out their plan to Maggie Sawyer, Taylor and Redondo bring a bunch of familiar faces to the party to assist.  You’re expecting Oracle and Tim Drake and the Batgirls perhaps, but just wait till you see who else shows up!  It’s more than simply a bunch of guest stars, it’s a reminder that Dick is part of a few different “families.”  It brings a warm glow to one’s heart.  These types of moments don’t always rely on nostalgia, but this one certainly brings a chunk of it.

The execution of the plan is pretty fun as well, it may go a little too quickly, but the ending provides a big surprise.  As an ending, it’s a doozy.  


Which leads to the sole negative of Nigthwing #95.  Depending on how this ending resolves, it’s either going to be very “real” or rely on some “Silver Age Logic.”  I’m hoping for the latter. You’ll see what I mean, I’m not spoiling it here.


The first time I really felt like I wanted to give a 6/5 as a score on a comic occurred when reviewing Injustice 2 Annual #2Nightwing #95 has so many similar elements, even if it leans more into the fun than the psychological.  It should come as no surprise both these issue are by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo.  Is there any doubt that Nightwing is DC’s best mainstream superhero title?


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