Indie Comics Review: Doctor Who: Origins #3

by Steve J. Ray
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Doctor Who: Origins – Book Three
Publisher: Titan Comics
Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Roberta Ingranata
Color Artist: Warnia K. Sahadewa
Letterers: Comicraft’s Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt
Reviewed by: Steve J. Ray


In Doctor Who: Origins #3 We learn more about an insidious plot by the Time Lords to destroy a planet and its seemingly innocent population.

Last month it was revealed that these people were a set of Gallifreyans who had left their homeworld in order to seek a life of peace and prosperity. The Doctor, and her new companion Taslo, are then forced to lie to their superiors when they refuse to carry to out their orders.


Once again, I must commend the entire creative team behind this series. Jodie Houser’s giving us brand new Doctor Who that feels timeless and classic. This new “Fugitive Doctor” is every bit the genius, tactician, rebel, and hero as all the Doctors who came before her (or should that be after?) I can see every iteration of the character, from William Hartnell’s original, all the way to Jodie Whittaker’s incarnation in this all-new version.

The art by Roberta Ingranata and Warnia K. Sahadewa is fresh and clean and very easy on the eyes. The fact that the Doctor’s based on a real person doesn’t make any of the new characters, purely created for this story, feel any less valid or realistic. In fact, you can even see likenesses to real people, celebrities, actors or just faces from the street, in their visages.


I have absolutely nothing to complain about. This was a fun, intriguing, and surprising read with a very unexpected twist in the tail.


Doctor Who: Origins #3 continues a trend. Titan’s Doctor Who comics have something for everyone, and this old Doctor Who fan is totally invested. I’m really looking forward to reading the grand finale!

Images Courtesy of Titan Comics

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