Review: Nightwing #99

by Matthew Lloyd
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Review: Nightwing #99
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]
Writer: Tom Taylor
Art: Bruno Redondo, Geraldo Borges and Caio Filipe
Colors: Adriano Lucas
Letters: Wes Abbott
Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd


In Nightwing #99, Melinda comes face to face with her “father,” Tony Zucco and a new day dawns over Bludhaven after she and Nightwing take him down.


Tom Taylor is playing the long game with Heartless.  Just as it seemed like things were racing forward, Heartless has maintained a tangential space in Nightwing’s arc against Blockbuster, Moroni, and now Tony Zucco.  It’s all been connected, and Nightwing 2022 Annual brought Heartless’s past into the light, yet Nightwing #99 remains a wrap-up of Melinda’s journey from Zucco to Grayson-Lin.  That’s right, Melinda officially changes her name.  It’s a logical progression of the character, although it is still odd to think that Dick has a half-sister.  It still feels like it could turn out to be a surprise eventually that it’s all a trick and she’ll end up being bad in the long run.  That would be devastating.

Taylor lays the seed of a future plotline with the introduction of The Hold, a mysterious storage center that is partially stuck in Bludhaven’s maritime past.  Dick discovers he has a locker there with something in it.  It’s not too hard to see that this will play a role in the future.  The Hold itself, and its caretaker are quirky and interesting enough to be remarkable, and have a Silver Age feel to them, or perhaps even Golden Age.  They seem rooted pretty hard in the nautical theme to be believable in the real world.  There is a high element of fun, however.

Redondo, Borges, Filipe, and Lucas do their thing on the art.  It’s a pretty seamless transition between the two pencilers.  Perhaps, we’ve become too accustomed to the magnificent visuals on this title.  


It’s hard to find a negative with an issue of Nightwing in this run.  I do miss that Barbara doesn’t make an appearance.  


Nightwing #99 slows things down a bit to allow Melinda to get some closure and for her and Dick to get a breath.  The art is wonderful as usual, and the Heartless storyline continues to develop around the edges.  There’s a reset here for Bludhaven and it genuinely feels like Dick has made a positive impact on the city for the benefit of the people.  But, make no mistake, Bludhaven continues to hold more secrets.

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