Review: Unstoppable Doom Patrol #5

by Davydh Tidey
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Unstoppable Doom Patrol #5 (of 7)
Writer: Dennis Culver
Chris Burnham
Colour Artist: Brian Reber
Pat Brosseau
Reviewed by Davydh Tidey

After the therapy session we saw last issue, Unstoppable Doom Patrol #5 puts us right back into the action, going up against the evil corporation using the newly-discovered metahumans for profit. The Lazarus Rain has changed so much about the world, but even it can’t stop the slow trudge of capitalism. 

Also, someone let Niles Caulder out into the field. This can only go well, I’m sure.


This series really only goes from strength to strength and the latest issue’s no exception. This chapter turns the classic evil corporation trope on it’s head and delivers a fairly thought-provoking message about the dark side of superpowers; someone will always try to use them for profit, in sometimes horrifying ways. 

The issue also addresses the rather large elephant in the room; Niles Caulder. While he’s no longer the Chief, the former Doom patrol leader’s still around in an advisory capacity. This, obviously, presents its own dangers, particularly with him being the direct reason for the accidents that created the Doom Patrol in the first place. The new Chief seems to have a handle on him, but who knows what he could do next and how he could influence things, and who he could put in danger to prove another theory? The situation’s tenuous, to say the least. 

This issue also does something rather unique for Niles Caulder, as it has him admit that he was wrong about something. We’re shown a side to this immoral, arrogant character that we haven’t seen before; genuine remorse and owning his mistakes. 

I know I asked for more Niles Caulder, Dennis, but DAMN, I didn’t expect this! 

Along with humanizing the inhumane, Dennis Culver delivers another amazing issue here. Caulder’s characterization is nailed, giving us all the flaws of the man while still progressing him forward and showing genuine development.

Elasti-Girl and Robotman still continue to struggle with being professional in the field, but deliver the results in spectacular fashion anyway. The relationships between characters in Unstoppable Doom Patrol have always been a highlight, each one is unique and well thought out. Cliff doesn’t talk to Rita like he does with Larry, and Larry doesn’t talk to Beast Girl the same way he talks to the Chief. All of this makes the dialogue so natural and easy to buy into, I love it. 

It’s lovely to have Chris Burnham back with Brian Reber on the art, as I’ve sorely missed his dynamic feeling action and unique facial expressions. The pages with the “new superhero” are equal parts thrilling and horrifying, and I’ve come to expect nothing less from this art team and this amazing book in general.


This is a very small gripe in the grand scheme of things, but I’d really like to see Beast Girl’s character developed a little further. We’ve seen her touching origin story, and as the lead character in Unstoppable Doom Patrol #2, but I’d love to see more from her and get more of a real sense of her character. 

Apart from that, this series only has two more issues left?! Boo! I’ll miss it sorely when it’s gone. 


Unstoppable Doom Patrol #5 is a really great distillation of what this whole series has been about; overcoming your past and pushing forward. This issue made Niles Caulder face his demons, but the whole series feels like it’s been about addressing trauma and past mistakes, while also helping as many metahumans as possible. It’s a positive, and relatable, message for people of this generation. Your past doesn’t define you. 

I have nothing but love for this series, and this issue is no exception. 

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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