New Batman: Arkham Origins trailer featured at E3. Click the jump to see more.

New trailer of Batman Akrham Origins has come out and very soon more gameplay for the game. Check out the new trailer above.

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Source- Arkhamverse

  • Curtis Van Impe

    I was a little worried that this game wasn’t being developed by Rocksteady, but it actually looks pretty great! Only complaint is that some environments look a little plain, but im sure that’s just because the trailer was focusing more on action than setting.

    • Daren Taveras

      Agreed! But it looks like the mechanics are directly from the past Arkham games. The way he drops in on people is identical to the other games, so even though Rocksteady isn’t making it, it seems promising.

      • Curtis Van Impe

        Yea, and Rocksteady did say they shared all their resources from Arkham City with them, so the game should play very similar. Just comes down to the story and world etc. Looks good so far

        • Daren Taveras

          Yeah I’m definitely looking forward to it, but I’d like to see more Two-Face and Clayface. Hopefully we’ll see more Arkham villians than they have already announced!