Nicola Scott Staying on Earth 2

When James Robinson recently announced his departure as writer of Earth 2 after issue 16, the question remained of whether or not fan-favorite artist Nicola Scott would stay on the book. In an interview published Tuesday, Nicola confirmed that she would not only stay on the book for the foreseeable future, but was also very pleased to learn the identity of the book’s new writer.nicolascott06

“He did let me know it was going to happen about a month before it actually happened,” Scott told Impulse Gamer. “He said that this was something that was kind of in the mix and was possibly quite likely to come up. It’s a shame as I really enjoyed working with James and I’m still working on his scripts now. I know who the next writer is and I’m really looking forward to that too…When they announce who the next writer is, people will understand why it would be important for me to stick around and I’m really looking forward to the continuation of Earth 2.”

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Source: Impulse Gamer