Previews: The Flash #21: When Barry meets Bart

Since Flashpoint has occurred, questions have loomed about how much Barry still knows about before Flashpoint and the new connections between Barry Allen and Bart Allen with the changes to the DC Universe history and the removal of Wally West from the Speed Force history.  Bart Allen aka Kid Flash has been a bigger part of the New 52 than some may have thought.  Appearances in DC Universe Presents and Justice League of America’s Vibe shows his importance to the New 52.  This issue may become pivotal in multiple ways.  First Flash fans just got introduced to the Reverse Flash, and we are starting to see his powers.  Second, upcoming in Teen Titans, Bart travels to back to the future, so there could be connections in this issue as far has Bart’s past and his new connections to Barry.  Finally, Trinity War is about to begin, and there could be small hints of what may be upcoming with Bart’s potential knowledge.  For sure, the first meeting of Barry and Bart with the events in the New 52 right now and a cameo of the Teen Titans, anything is possible.


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Source: Uproxx