July in DC Comics History

Here is a look back for what happened in the month of July in DC Comics history:

  • 2011:

July 19: Stage show Batman Live premiers in Manchester Evening News Arena

  • 5 years ago in 2008:

The Dark Knight takes in a record $155.34 million in its opening weekend, topping the previous best of $151.1 million for Spider-Man 3 in May 2007.

Wildstorm’s World’s End event begins in the aftermath of Number of the Beast.

July 17: Creig Flessel, a Golden Age artist known for his work on Sandman and the Shining Knight, dies at age 96.

  • 20 years ago in 1993:

DC Comics releases Batman #500, in which Azrael becomes the new Batman.

  • 25 years ago in 1988:

Tales of the Teen Titans is canceled by DC with issue #91.

The Weird debuted with  Writer: Jim Starlin. Artist: Bernie Wrightson.

  • 30 years ago in 1983:

First issue of Frank Miller’s Ronin limited series published by DC Comics.

With issue #200, DC publishes the final issue of The Brave and the Bold, which also features a preview insert for the new title Batman and the Outsiders

Batman and The Outsiders starts with  Writer: Mike W. Barr. Artist: Jim Aparo.

Felicity debuted in Omega Men #4

  • 35 years ago in 1978:

DC Comics Presents debuts with Writer: Martin Pasko. Artists: José Luis García-López and Dan Adkins.

Challengers of the Unknown cancelled with issue #87

Freedom Fighters cancelled with issue #15

Karate Kid cancelled with issue #15 )

Return of The New Gods cancelled with issue #19

Secret Society of Super Villains cancelled with issue #15

  • 40 years ago in 1973:

Detective Comics, with issue #435 begins a bimonthly schedule

Doom Patrol vol 1. Cancelled with issue #125

Black Orchid debuted in Adventure Comics #428

  • 45 years ago in 1968:

Cain debuts in House of Mystery #175

  • 50 years ago in 1963:

Young Love #38 final issue published by Prize Comics; title sold to and continued by DC Comics

Young Romance #124 final issue published by Prize Comics; title sold to and continued by DC Comics

  • 55 years ago in 1958:

Brainiac debuted in Action Comics #242


Finally from the 1976 DC Comics Calender for July 1976:

  • 2: Birthday of Tawky Tawny (Mr. Tawny), the talking tiger
  • 4: Uncle Sam’s Birthday (U.S. Independence Day)
  • 5: Birthday of Steve Lombard, WGBS sportscaster
  • 6: Mary Batson becomes Mary Marvel
  • 7: Birthday of the JSA’s Johnny Thunder
  • 8: Ma and Pa Kent made younger by elixir from another dimension
  • 9: Birthday of Ray Palmer (The Atom II)
  • 10: Birthday of Drake Burroughs (Wildfire)
  • 11: Escaping from Batman, Red Hood swims through chemical wastes. They dye his skin and hair — he becomes the Joker
  • 13: Supergirl meets Comet, the Super-Horse
  • 15: Murder of John & Mary Grayson (Robin’s parents) [Pre-Crisis version; Halloween in Post-Crisis version; June 27 in Post-Zero Hour version]
  • 16: First meeting of the Justice Society of America (1940) [Pre-Crisis version; November 22 for Post-Crisis version]
  • 17: Birthday of Lana Lang, Superboy’s girlfriend
  • 19: Ted Grant, suspected of murder, becomes Wildcat to clear himself
  • 20: Birthday of Al Desmond (formerly Mr. Element and Dr. Alchemy)
    ” : Birthdays of Jennie-Lynn Hayden (Jade) and Todd Rice (Obsidian)
  • 21: Birthday of Staq Mavlen (Fire Lad) of Legion of Substitute Heroes
  • 22: Justice League of America organized
  • 23: Jim Corrigan murdered — he becomes the Spectre
  • 25: Birthday of Lucy Lane, Lois’s sister
  • 26: Birthday of Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot (The Penguin)
  • 27: Luthor creates first adult Bizarro
  • 28: Batman’s first clash with the Catwoman
  • 29: Ray Palmer first uses his dwarf star power to become the Atom
  • 31: Birthday of Sgt. Frank Rock of Easy Company (1917)

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Source:  Wikipedia & DC Calendar