PREVIEWS: Batman/Superman #2-A meeting with Earth 2

With the news of Batman in the next Superman movie along, I personally have been looking forward to this issue since it solicited.  This issue builds from last issue’s debut and the teases of Trickster with something unique so far in the New 52.  Not shown in the preview, but mentioned in the next 2 solicits, Superman and Batman of New Earth/Earth Prime will meet Earth 2’s version of Superman and Batman which will be before the events of Earth 2 #1.  SDCC revealed also that the events in this arc will also include Earth 2‘s Catwoman which as seen in World’s Finest dies before Batman, so maybe we will have 3 versions meeting.  The events of Batman/Superman #1 are building towards something, and with all the events of Darkseid and his clan across the New 52, something in the future is building with them.  What will we learn about Earth 2 and the new connections between the 2 Earths?

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Source: NY Post