Zack Snyder: “Batman Can’t Beat Superman”

You read it right. Director of Man of Steel  and the upcoming Superman vs. Batman Zack Snyder has seemingly confirmed that in the upcoming fan-boy fantasy, the Dark Knight will be no match for the Man of Steel.

Or has he?

At last year’s SDCC, the director was questioned about a fight between Superman and Batman. A video of the question, posted by the bloggers at, shows Snyder answering the question by saying that, although he loves Batman, the Caped Crusader could not best Superman. Snyder has yet to acknowledge that his comments could have started World War Three among fans.

What the video DOESN’T show, however, is the fact that the question was asked about Christopher Nolan’s Batman. This would, of course, be a world without any superheroes except for Batman, and certainly will not be the Batman we see in the 2015 film. So don’t feel too triumphant, Superman fans, and don’t feel defeated just yet, Batman fans. The inevitable battle in the film still doesn’t belong to either of the pair.

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