Get Ready to Meet Relic

If you’re a Green Lantern fan, bonus points for being a Relic fan, then you’re in for a great treat coming your way. In June, all of the Green Lantern family of titles have variant black and white covers which showcases part of Relic’s origin. As announced on the ‘What’s New in the New 52’ column, the variant covers will be fully colored and collected for the first time in its entirety. Also, it would include more pages which tells more of the story of how Relic came to be.

Bob Harras elaborates:

“Why does Relic have such a profound dislike towards ring wielders? When the answers will be revealed, you might even – dare I say – find yourself rooting for him! This imperative one-shot directly sets the stage for this October’s crossover event, “Lights Out.” Trust me when I tell you this is not an issue you’ll want to miss.”

During Villains Month, some of DC’s villains get a chance to explain their origin story for the first time in the New 52. Which villain do you to have his/her origin revealed? Sound off in the comments below and like us on Facebook and follow our Twitter @DCComicsNews!

Art by: Rags Morales
Art by: Rags Morales

Source: DC