REVIEW: FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #2 – Worlds Collide

Your eyes do not deceive you faithful readers. The comic book formerly known as Collider has been retitled to FBP – Federal Bureau of Physics. In an interview with MTV recently creator Simon Oliver intimated that another comic series is already being titled “Collider” so from now on all reviews of the Vertigo series will be listed under FBP.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, how does issue #2 stack up to favorably reviewed premiere? Check out below to find out!

The Good: 

Collider-Cover-2Normally I like to dive right into the story but instead lets start with Nathan Fox’s visually arresting cover art. It is fantastic and the design fits perfectly with the story that Mr. Oliver is telling. The use of bright and captivating colors immediately draws in the reader. In fact, I can’t really recall any other series out these days that is so eyeball grabbing. If you’re interested in seeing more of Mr. Fox’s work, as well as some of his inspirations (which include a lot of neon), feel free to check out his website here.

Storywise Mr. Oliver picks right up where we last left off. The world of FBP is one in which the laws of gravity and particle physics constantly spiral out of control. Last issue saw such an anomaly hit in a school and the ending introduced the concept of a parallel dimension encroaching on our own. But before our protagonists get to that, Mr. Oliver delivers some much appreciated character building by depicting the beginning of Adam and Jay’s partnership at the FBP.

We learn a little more of Jay’s shady past hinted at in last issue’s final pages. The characters are interesting and well developed, with plenty of room left for growth as the story progresses.


But to matters at hand: a “bubbleverse” has landed and if the FBP doesn’t extract those trapped inside and quickly, they will all die. Oliver plays on the readers own unfamiliarity with such concepts to deliver palpable tension. The dangerousness of the “bubbleverse” is clear, doubly so when mixed with Jay’s wavering, divided loyalties.

Robbi Rodriguez’s interiors really shine in this issue. From the loose linework of our world to the broad color palette present inside the bubbleverse everything comes together to create a style that feels both kinetic, energetic, and fun.

Fun is the keyword with this series so far. With such hefty concepts as the laws of physics, gravity, and alternate realities, it would be very easy to lose the reader in a lot of sci-fi technobabble. Thankfully Oliver’s script keeps things moving at a steady pace while still managing to be both educational and entertaining. FBP happily embraces its sci-fi roots but keeps the story grounded with its blue collar protagonists.

The Bad:


Not everyone may appreciate the artwork or the hard sci-fi. but those that do are certainly in for a treat. The character development is a bit slow to start but being as this is only issue #2, Oliver is certainly not showing all his cards just yet. As long as the characters continue to be interesting and well written, then this series is in good hands.

Final Verdict:

Rating4 (4/5)

Writer Simon Oliver and artist Robbi Rodriguez deliver an excitingly frenetic second issue with well written characters and mind-blowing ideas. As long as the book doesn’t become weighed down by its own concepts and remains fun, then we could be in for a long, enjoyable ride.

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