Marv Wolfman to write Superboy #26 (Crossover with the Teen Titans)

This week, Titans fans will get to read Teen Titans #23.1 Trigon written by Marv Wolfman, however news this weekend that this will not be the only issue of his Teen Titans return.  Bleeding Cool told Friday that Marv Wolfman is going to write Superboy #26.  Yesterday on his Facebook page, Marv Wolfman wrote what the story was going to be about:

I was surprised to see that it was announced this early, but yes, I am writing Superboy #26 and the arc that goes with it. It’s a crossover with the Teen Titans (a different Titans than the one I worked on). Scott Lobdell, who is both the Titans writer and wrote Superboy as well, set up the story over the past many months and it’s a really interesting and different plot. My job, as I see it, is to continue what Scott set up in the story. To that end Scott and I, along with editor Mike Cotton, have been speaking for hours at a time ever since they asked me to help out about two weeks ago. It’s hard coming into an already existing storyline and it’s even harder when it’s taking place in multiple timelines with many characters that I have to learn about, but Scott and Mike have been helpful and even more patient re. my pathetically slow learning curve. And though he’d be loath to see this in “print,” without Scott’s help and ideas I’d never have been able to even begin.I’m starting to think maybe I shouldn’t have killed him a few months back. Oops, Scott. My bad.
So it appears this story will spin out of Forever Evil and the future Titans stories upcoming in Teen Titans. Bleeding Cool also posted an image of what may be the Superboy #26 cover:

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Source:  Bleeding Cool & Marv Wolfman’s Facebook Page