Brett Booth on Batman/Superman starting with issue #5

Bob Harras revealed on the What’s New in the New 52 column over at DC Comics that Brett Booth will be doing the art on Batman/Superman starting with issue #5. Booth has a colorful resume at DC Comics such as drawing the last arc of the Justice League before the new 52, drawing the initial story arc of Teen Titans in the new 52 among others.

Harras elaborates on the new creative change:

Booth joins the creative team of this acclaimed series with issue #5, which is presented in a horizontal format. In this issue, Clark and Bruce face off against Metallo – but when this super-villain mysteriously vaporizes into thin air and disappears, the duo know that there must be a larger force of nature at work.

While Superman investigates what triggered Metallo’s vanishing act, he learns that the Toymaster has created a video game in which 3-4 contestants take over real world avatars to fight the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. But who is the Toymaster working for? And what do they stand to gain by taking down Batman and Superman? 

Brett Booth also discusses his new gig over at CBR:

“It’s back to the modern times…..Batman and Superman are basically drawn into this big fighting thing, and so they’ll be fighting a bunch of people you know, and some you don’t know — most of them that you know, some that you might not have seen yet. Metallo’s in it, Nightwing’s in it. There are a couple of other characters that I don’t want to mention. I’m looking forward to it.”

You can also read the entire interview here

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Source: DC

Art by Brett Booth
Art by Brett Booth
Art by Brett Booth
Art by Brett Booth
Art by Brett Booth
Art by Brett Booth
  • Vivvav

    I think I heard that Booth and Jae Lee are just gonna be trading off between arcs.

  • MyNameIsZ

    Can’t wait for that first picture to get colored. Wallpaper for sure.

  • Yarva_Demonicus_Etrigan

    @MyNameIsZ:disqus , I second that sentiment good sir.