WONDER WOMAN Short Fan Film To Debut September 30th

Not stifled by Warner Bros. increasing talk of how “tricky” a Wonder Woman film property could be, VFX production company Rainfall TV has taken it upon themselves to create their own live action Amazon story. You can view some of their works, including some music videos from some very popular artists, on their website via the link.

Scheduled to be released on September 30th, below are some teaser images from the upcoming production. The film features Rileah Vanderbilt as Wonder Woman and is directed by Sam Balcomb.














What do you guys think so far? Excited for this production? Think it will help drum up support for a live action Warner Bros. produced Wonder Woman feature soon? Feel free to comment down below and like us on Facebook and follow our Twitter @DCComicsNews!

Source: DC Women Kicking Ass, Rainfall.tv