PREVIEWS: Action Comics #24 Now Psi-War connected and Enter Psycho Pirate

We are now back to regular comics after Villains Month, and it appears the DC carousel continues especially with Action Comics.  The original solicit and cover is still showing on the DC page like this:

When Brainiac shrunk Metropolis, they were infected in the process. Now, Superman battles their effects on the city—and the secrets of “The Twenty” are revealed!

Written by:  Scott Lobdell

Art by:  Tyler Kirkham

Cover by: Tyler Kirkham

Variant Cover by: Tyler Kirkham

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count:  32

U.S. Price: 3.99

On Sale Date: Oct 2 2013

However the Comic Vine now has a new team on this issue, and now connects the issue to the Superman current crossover of Psi-War and the cover still shows Scott Lobdell as writer by the credits give Michael Johnson as writer.   The preview also shows the New 52 Psycho Pirate with his New 52 Medusa Mask both updated from his days in Crisis on Infinite Earths. What could be in store for Superman and the DC Universe now that Psycho Pirate is here especially with the hint in Justice League of America: Vibe #1 that Pariah is also in the New 52? There has already been talk of something building in 2014 including connections within Earth 2. Could this issue give any signs to what may be upcoming?

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Source: Comic Vine