Marv Wolfman on Superboy

As you already know, Marv Wolfman will take over the Superboy comic as of #26 along with artist Andres Guinaldo. It won’t be the only change in the comic, as you see Kon-El aka Conner Kent will make a heroic sacrifice during the Krypton Returns crossover arc. Not only that, as announced during the New York Comic Con, Kon will be replaced by the son of Superman and Lois Lane, Jon Lane Kent. Wolfman sat down with Newsarama to discuss his first arc on the book. Here are some highlights of his interview:

When I was first approached to work on Superboy, I was told what was going to happen and that I’d be dealing with Jon Lane Kent and not Kon. Frankly, I don’t think I would have had as much to say or add with Kon that a hundred other writers’ wouldn’t have done just as well, but I actually thought using Jon made the strip different and exciting and a real challenge for me to write. It was something that my abilities were perfectly suited for.

Wolfman also mentions that Jon’s agenda and Kon’s agenda have very different objectives. For example, Kon learned about who and what he is and how he fit in with his life. While Jon Lane Kent hate other people with superpowers and plans to stop them. In addition, Wolfman plans to make an approach with the new Superboy as a villain instead of a hero.

He elaborates: Because of Jon’s villainous nature and his agenda, it means I’m writing the story on multiple levels and seeing how long the plates spin. The main thing I want to do is use who Jon is and what he wants and keep surprising the readers with stories they aren’t expecting. It’s hard to do that with many heroes; we generally know who they are and what they’re about. But with the son of Superman and Lois, what you see is not even remotely what you get. But hey, I’ve walked this line before, both with Dracula and Terra. And I love to mis-direct the readers and keep them guessing.

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Source: Newsarama