Sinestro Writer Gives New Details On Upcoming Series

Expect Sinestro to try to “right the ship.”

That is what writer Cullen Bunn tells us is going to be the mission going forward with the new Sinestro series that drops in April. Bunn described the upcoming series as “space epic/intrigue/horror vibe”, the series will focus on Sinestro trying  to redeem himself and give the Yellow Lanterns, even though they mistrust him, a mission that will benefit their cause.

Bunn and artist Dale Eaglesham return to DC  comics to continue Sinestro’s story after the events of Forever Evil occur.  When asked by Newarama what made him decide to return to DC Comics and write for Sinestro, Mr. Bunn said the following:

“I’ve always liked Sinestro on some level. Even as a kid, I thought he was one of my favorite parts of Challenge of the Super Friends!

But, let’s face it, he was always a bit of a mustache-twirling villain (and he does have a great mustache for it) until Geoff Johns got hold of him and gave him depth. Suddenly, he became a character readers could relate to. He had a past. He had goals (sometimes unreasonable goals, but goals nonetheless). And, even though his actions were evil, he became somewhat sympathetic. Whether he succeeded or failed, you wanted to be along for the ride.

That’s the Sinestro I hope to bring to this book. He’s not evil for the sake of being evil. But he wants something — be it redemption, glory, salvation, honor, or respect — and he’ll ruthlessly pursue it. But I think his reasoning… and his “mission”… will be understood by readers. His methods, maybe not so much.”

Both a friend and foe to the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro's solo title will debut in April.

Bunn would go on to say at the beginning of the series Sinestro would be in a poor state of mind. “He’s lost everything, his world, his people. He feels there is no redemption for him.” That is until his daughter Soranik Natu, who looks to play a prominent role in the series, shows up and gives him a push forward.

Both a friend and foe to the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro’s solo title will debut in April.

Source: Newsarama