Awesome Fan-Made Trailer for Man of Steel 2

Are you paying attention Warner Bros? This is how you get everyone pumped up for Man of Steel 2. This fan-made trailer captures everything we are expecting out of this movie from Superman’s goofy smirk, to Bruce Wayne’s serious mannerisms. We can feel the tension between these two as the trailer progresses. Is it 2016 yet? Shoot, two more years to go until the movie comes out. Excuse me I’m still geeking out, I’m going to go watch this for the 20th time I suggest you all do the same.

With all the news and question marks surrounding the movie this trailer does something for us that we haven’t had happen yet, it reminds us just how fun this movie is supposed to be. So much emphasis and attention has gone into who’s going to be in the supporting cast, are they overloading it with too many characters.  We’re all forgetting something that is staring us in the face. Freaking Batman and Superman are going to be in a movie together people! For the first time ever! It’s one thing to have awesome fan made pictures like these:

use this onee

this one too

But it’s even cooler to allow us to use our imagination and create what we think the movie should look like, like the person who made this did. I hope we all keep creating fan made stuff, we have to if we’re going to wait all this time for the movie to come out!

Warner Bros. you guys have a very capable director in Snyder, strong lead roles in Cavill and Affleck, you have the support of millions of people just as passionate as the person who made this trailer. We all beg of you to not make a mess of this, you have the tools to make one of the greatest movies ever, not comic book movies, but movies in general. You have two years, use them well.

Source: Youtube