Geoff Johns to Write for Superman Again?

With only Justice League ongoing and Forever Evil coming to and end soon could DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns be ready to write about the Man of Steel again? Well that looks like the case if the latest rumors are true. He is supposedly going to take on a solo title of Superman for every month starting soon.

He already has compiled an impressive resume writing for pretty much every big shot DC hero there is, helping expand characters such as Aquaman and the Green Lantern Corps to new heights of notoriety.

Back in 2007 Johns co-wrote with Richard Donner a short run of Action Comics with Adam Kubert as the artist. Despite the well developed story Johns and Donner created, there was widespread criticism due to the uncommon delays the book went through.

action comics


If the rumors are to be true then Johns would be pairing up with John Romita Jr. who has primarily worked for Marvel in the past.

For the moment Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort are the creative team for Superman, but after being dropped on Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws it looks like Lobdell’s bad luck is not over yet.

Source: BleedingCool