New Batsuit, ‘Batman vs. Superman’ title to be revealed in April?

After the new ‘Batman versus Superman’ Man of Steel sequel was announced last summer and once the screaming quieted down to a near-constant whimper of anticipation (just me?) and shortly after the Internet reconstituted itself after utterly imploding over the news that Ben Affleck (now dubbed ‘Batfleck’ by fans and detractors alike) would be donning the cape and cowl, we began to wonder what the film would actually be called and, most importantly, what would the Batsuit look like??


Will it be stiff, heavy rubber like Keaton’s or include the infamous bat-nipples of Clooney’s or maybe incorporate the more armored appearance of the Bale Batman? Then rumors started popping up that it would be much more in-line with suits we’ve seen in the comics. But whose suit? Neal Adams’? Jim Lee’s? Greg Capullo’s New 52 look?




Well, it seems a new rumor has popped up, one that, if true, means we’ll know the answer to that question, along with the official title of the film, sometime in the next few weeks during Batman’s 75th birthday celebration in April. Forbes’ movie blogger March Hughes has speculated on Twitter that Warner Bros’ will likely unveil the film’s title, the Batsuit, and maybe (just maybe) even Wonder Woman’s armor.


Though Hughes’ sources say a costume reveal will happen in April, he admits to ultimately being unsure what, if anything, will be unveiled. Let’s hope he’s right, though. Writer/director Kevin Smith has infamously said that he’s seen the new Batsuit as worn by Ben Affleck; it exists, out there in the world. Only time will tell when we, the common rabble, will get our chance to lay eyes upon it. One thing’s for absolute certain, though: no matter what, the Internet will explode with equal parts love and hate for it.



Source: HNGN