Questions for Head of Warner Bros Kevin Tsujihara About DC Films


Recently Kevin Tsujihara sat down with the New York Times to discuss the future endeavors for Warner Bros and how he plans to approach future DC films. The whole interview is very interesting as you can see what direction Tsujihara is heading towards and how he plans to combat Marvel for movie supremacy, check out the full interview here.

But the staffers over at raised some interesting questions that they thought should have been asked to the boss. Here they are below along with some background on each question.

Why isn’t there a unified vision for the on-screen DC Universe?

In comparison to Marvel, the DC Universe is so fragmented no one really knows where goes where and who belongs to who. Marvel’s clear direction is apparent and shared universes between TV and film make it hard to dispute that DC knows exactly what they’re doing. With a myriad of DC TV shows split between The CW, Fox and so on Warner Bros needs to have an affirmative course of action and how they plan on marketing each DC franchise.  How does Warner Bros plan to have everything under one roof and have a consistent continuity that won’t make us have to relearn where everyone is placed the next time they come out with something new.

Is tackling Marvel head-on a bad idea?

When it was announced that “Batman vs Superman” would come out the same weekend as “Captain America 3” we could clearly see DC and Warner Bros were trying to make a power play to move ahead in the film world. But is the success of Marvel too much to challenge? If not for the enormous success of Nolan’s “Dark Knight” films Marvel would have DC and Warner dead to rights.  But instead Warner Bros 1.8 billion dollar gross total from 2013 edges out Marvel’s 1.7 billion dollars grossed.  So there might be hope on the horizon, but with a fan base already established in so many Marvel films, DC and Warner will definitely have to play catch up.

How will DC movies be different?

In order to separate themselves from the pack Warner needs to do something drastic. We all know Batman and Superman but what about other characters like Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and The Flash. If Marvel can make movies about Ant-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy, surely DC can get a film out of any of the three above right? Warner needs to understand that the reason Marvel is so successful is that they’ve take the time to set up each character slowly and surely instead of just throwing them into the fire like Warner Bros will undoubtedly try to do if they try to have each Justice Leaguer make a cameo in “Batman vs Superman”.

What do you guys think? Any other questions or solution for Warner Bros on how to move forward with DC franchises?