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CosplayerAlyssa Loughran

Photographer:  Jeff Zoet Visuals

Alyssa Loughran
Alyssa Loughran

Alyssa Loughran is a professional Fitness Model, Actress and Bikini Competitor. you can check out her Facebook page here Alyssa Loughran

Alyssa was nice enough to answer a few questions.

DCN:  Why do you cosplay?

Alyssa: “I’m not actually a cosplayer. I am a fitness model. Jeff is one of my main photographers who likes to use me for his cosplay ideas. He says I fit so many roles so well. And naturally I enjoy being infront of the camera, so I’m always up for a new photo session.”

PG Silohuette
PG Silhouette

DCN:  Why did you choose Power Girl?

Alyssa: Powergirl is actually the second comic role I’ve done for Jeff. We did a “Punisher” shoot a few years back when I first started modeling; I was 19. It wasn’t until we were shooting Powergirl that I realized how big cosplay was.”

Power girl close-up
Power girl close-up

DCN: Which DC comics character may we see next?

ALYSSA: Because I have so much fun portraying such powerful females (i.e. Rosie the Riveter, Power girl) and fans have asked to keep them coming, we have a few more shoots planned for this spring. “Cheetara”, “Ms. Marvel”, and “Emma Frost” will be coming soon. So stay tuned!!!”

Power Girl side view
Power Girl side view

Alyssa: “As for DC comics if they would like me to cosplay anyone in particular I am always open for suggestions.”  Make suggestions in the comments post below!

Power Girl
Power Girl
Jeff Zoet is an avid comics fan and it shows, look at how he portrays Alyssa as Power Girl in these action shots.
Power Girl descending
Power Girl descending
Love Jeffs work?  check out his website here: JEFF ZOET VISUALS, LLC – FREELANCE ARTIST
Down but not defeated
Down but not defeated
Motion Graphics Artist / Editor / Photographer / Cinematographer / Designer
Jeff Zoet
Jeff Zoet
All photos used with permission.   Jeff Zoet Visuals

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Thomas ODonnell

Thomas ODonnell

My love of comics started at the age of 5, when visions of mythic beings fought their way across my TV screen. Batman '66, Super Friends, Wonder Woman, and Superman '78 filled my early childhood with imagination and adventure. Soon enough I found the spinner rack! Batman, Justice League and DC's Who's Who kept me coming back for more. I've seen the death of hope, justice broken, a light extinguished, and a universe torn! A kingdom come, the lightning return, a triumph of evil and a multiverse reborn!
  • Mabasploom

    I think she would make a fantastic Black Canary.

  • Alyssa Loughran is definitely my first choice as Power Girl! We featured her in a recent article and she whipped our butts into shape. http://guymanningham.com/fitness-model-alyssa-loughran

  • Jediknighthill

    When did power girl turn 40 in the comics?

  • Misanthropic Humanist

    Can I once see a Power Girl cosplayer in an action shot that’s NOT freaking hypersexualized.

    • Peter Smith

      “fucking whiny, pissy man-baby crying with an “eww, girls” mentality.

      fuck you, retard”