BEWARE THE BATMAN Gets Terrible New Timeslot

Are you a fan of Cartoon Network’s latest Batman series Beware the Batman? If so, listen up. First, let me apologize because you are getting royally screwed. I’ve never seen the show, Beware-The-Batman-TV-Series1but I’ve heard good things about it. Cartoon Network, however, seems increasingly unable to tell the good from the bad these days. The complete and utter lack of respect it showed for shows like Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series was staggering. The shows were brilliant and told smart, mature, and emotional stories. And both series were treated abhorrently. And Beware the Batman appears to be suffering the same fate.


Pulled from the air without explanation back in October after just eleven episodes, Beware the Batman will reportedly see the final fifteen episodes of the 26-episode first season aired on Cartoon Network…with a big stupid catch. The episodes, which are set to air beginning in May, will be placed in the final hour of the “Toonami” programming block. Which is to say, 3am EST/PST on Sundays. I literally can’t imagine a worse possible timeslot. All outward appearances suggest that the network is simply trying to get the episodes out with little regard for actual ratings. This attitude certainly doesn’t bode well for the series, which is unsurprisingly absent from the 2014-2015 schedule. But don’t worry, because they renewed Teen Titans Go!…for some reason.


Beware the Batman will begin airing on May 11 at 3am EST/PST with new episodes starting around the end of July.


Source: Newsarama

  • NonHyped

    I’m glad this was posted. Please read this and I’ll explain it what I saw for the first time on Toonami for Beware the Batman. First of all, on first watch; I love the show, the animation is fast paced; just what needs to be on Toonami. I advise you to check out the other shows on Toonami/Adult Swim because even though they are in the same channel, Cartoon Network does not work with Adult Swim.

    Now to why Beware the Batman is better on Adult Swim; Toonami is 50x times better now then it was back then. Now that it’s on Toonami it is able to freely grab shows that are too mature and plot driven to play on Cartoon Network. For example Watch One Piece, Black Lagoon, Space Dandy, and Attack on Titan you will get the idea about what Toonami is all about and that do they care about the shows. Now watching Beware the Batman last night on Toonami, okay this show is way too mature for young children, not because of the violence, but the plot and how they are voiced. It’s really more complicated then it seems, like the show is amazing no doubt, but it’s not what young children should be trying to understand. Young children want to laugh a lot and have heroes they can look up to, which is why shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and even Teen Titans Go work so well with the younger children. A show like Beware the Batman is good, but it’s too mature based on the level of more plot driven then then random funny moments on what is shown on Cartoon Network.

    If you really want to able to watch Toonami earlier I prefer you watch and tweet all the shows that way Adult Swim will try to boost Toonami from 11:30pm to instead start at least 10pm that way the more mature DC shows can have a better chance to shine. Hope you can understand.