Gotham: a closer look.

GOTH_Publicity_003_V7_RR_FFFOX’s newest show Gotham’s trailer was released recently and has the whole fan base on the lookout for hints to villains and possible nods to the comics.
There has also been a feature released where the cast and crew talk about their characters, roles and possible up and coming origin stories.
In the feature we see the relationship between young Jim Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie (Batman: Year One), and young Bruce Wayne develop in a way that is different to the one Nolan portrayed in his trilogy. Along with the relationship Gordon has with Bruce we see another relationship between Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock, played by Donal Logue (Vikings and Sons of Anarchy). We see a straight laced, new to the streets of Gotham Gordon paired up with a corrupt and weathered Bullock.
With the questions of the origin stories and if they will differ from the comics we get to see what future villains will be introduced and see if the stories line up. The likes of Edward Nygma, Poison Ivy, Selina Kyle and the Penguin all making reoccurring appearances, while a new original character will be introduced, Fish Mooney being played by Jada Pinkett Smith (Madagascar and Matrix Reloaded/Revelations). With also all the mentions of the origin of the Joker at one point during the series makes this show seem like it is covering all the bases and doing the fans, old and new, have a drawing point for the most iconic character other than Batman himself.

Gotham goes to air Mondays at 8 pm on FOX in autumn.

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