DC Launches Selfies Month

That’s right, you heard right, the infamous ‘Selfies’ hype have hit our favorite DC heroes, DC comics has been at a all time high with releasing various themed variants, month after month through-out this year.

In January, the ‘Scribblenauts unmasked’ variants were out, Feb were the super Badass ‘Stempunked’ variant, ‘Robot Chicken’ for March and ‘MAD’ released for April. Of course we cannot forget the ‘Batman ’66’ ones currently in the shelves.

We are due to expect the Bombshells in June and of course Batman’s 75th in July.


CBR news was 1st to announce that the house of ideas will be bringing out a Selfie themed variant month, respectively called ‘DC Universe Selfie’ for August ’14.


With DC’s August Solicitations shortly on the way, we have a list below of participating books involved with the Selfie month.

“Action Comics” #34
“Aquaman” #34
“Batgirl” #34
“Batman” #34
“Batman and Robin” #34
“Batman/Superman” #14
“Catwoman” #34
“Detective Comics” #34
“Earth 2” #26
“The Flash” #34
“Harley Quinn” #9
“Grayson” #2
“Green Lantern” #34
“Green Lantern Corps” #34
“Justice League” #34
“Justice League Dark” #34
“Justice League United” #4
“Multiversity” #1
“Teen Titans” #2
“Superman” #34
“Superman/Wonder Woman” #11
“Wonder Woman” #34

Im not one to speculate pre-Solicitation, but if I was, Id love to see a Superman or Green Lantern selfie with planet Earth in the Background.

Just so I can call it the Epic-Selfie, or Epicelfie, Selfepic….whatever you prefer..

What would be your dream DC hero selfie?

Would it be Star-Girl & Martian Manhunter tag teaming a Seflie for the JLU or Aquaman taking a Selfepic of Atlantis?

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Source – CBR News