‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Gets Renewed


DC’s “Injustice: Gods Among Us” gets renewed for its third year, continuing the story of the Man of Steel’s downfall by going against the magicians of the DC Universe.

Writer of the first two volumes of the digital series, Tom Taylor, says the concept of the new volume is “Superman versus Constantine.”

injustice year three cover

The series tells the backstory of the 2013 video game that took place in an alternate universe where Superman has become the world’s dictator. Batman leads an insurgency made up of other DC heroes to fight against him. According to the game, it took five years for the universe to reach the point where the game began, giving Taylor and artists Bruno Redondo and Tom Derenick leeway in the mythology.

Each volume centers on Superman coming up against a different enemy as he tries to gain full control of the world. In the first volume, Superman comes up against members of the Justice League. In the second, he comes up against intergalactic space police, the Green Lantern Corps. In the upcoming volume, Superman comes up against the forces of magic.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor commented:

It’s a difficult one, as magic versus Superheroes is something i’ve seen done badly many times but my editor, Jim Chadwick, and I are really pushing this one in ways we hope people will enjoy. As soon as I thought of pitting the occult hero against Superman’s regime, I had to see it. I think the entire pitch was ‘Constantine versus Superman’ and Jim was immediately on board. All the other magical characters that come with it are going to make this one hell of a story too, and Batman having to team up with the cynical Mage should be a heap of fun.


Source: Hollywood Reporter, Comic Vine (Photo Credit)