Kato and Robin are kidnapped by the Joker/Gumm alliance! The Green Hornet convinces Batman to team-up in order to find them. Batman gasses the Hornet and takes him to the Batcave, where they begin deducing their allies location. Meanwhile, the Joker and General Gumm order Kato and Robin to fight to the death or be fed to an enormous shark! Will the Splendid Sidekicks escape the Sinister Shark? Find out next month, Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!


The team-up between the Green Hornet and Batman was lots of fun. There are plenty of great moments to choose from, such as the Hornet’sBATMAN '66 #A wonder at the Batcave or Batman’s rare compliment to the Hornet’s intelligence. But I think my favorite moment was Batman and the Hornet “detecting” the location of the Joker/Gumm hideout. Said detective work consists of going through names of abandoned properties and trying to find one that fits the “theme” of the villains. It’s a brilliant nod to the classic series and everything it inspired.


It’s frustrating how the Dynamic Duo still hasn’t learned about the Green Hornet’s true nature as a crimefighter. It adds an antagonistic edge to what is otherwise a fun partnership. Seeing Batman repeatedly put down the Green Hornet for his “criminal” activities is very disheartening. It  also seems illogical that the Green Hornet wouldn’t at least try to let Batman in on the secret, especially with the life of his friend on the line. To make things worse, the World’s Greatest Detective inabilty to discover the Hornet’s secret makes him look incompetent.


BATMAN ’66 MEETS THE GREEN HORNET #5 is another fine installment of a great series.