SDCC14: Bill Finger Spotlight and Award

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Bill Finger was given a respected spotlight during San Diego’s 2014 Comic con, panel appropriately called ‘Spotlight on Bill Finger, Co-creator of Batman’. Organisers of SDCC 14 presented the Inkpot Award, an Award for Professionals in the fields of comic books, comic strips, animation, science fiction, and related areas of pop-culture to panel guest, Finger’s granddaughter Athena Finger.



Batman & Me (Auto bio of Bob Kane) co-writer Tom Andrae who also was a panel guest explained that Bob Kane wanted Bill Finger to have some degree of credit for Batman’s creator after Finger’s passing in 1974, which unfortunately wasn’t rectified before his own death. However Tom Andrae also stated, when he included Bill Finger in the biography, Kane told him, ‘There’s too much about Bill in here’.

The panel included Legendary Batman scribe Denny O’Neill, Batman Movie producer Micheal Uslan, alongside Jens Robinson, son of Batman Artist Jerry Robinson and others



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