Manhunter Joining Season 3 of Arrow

by Nikki Fleming
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We already have a long list of new DC characters that will be joining season 3 of “Arrow”, which includes Ted Grant, Ray Palmer, Katana, and Ra’s al Ghul. Today we get another name to add to the list, Mark Shaw. Mark Shaw will be played by “Medium” star David Cubitt. Could Manhunter be joining “Arrow”? Mark Shaw is just one of many to take the name Manhunter.


The 1st Manhunter was Paul Kirk in 1941. Kate Spencer has also had the name Manhunter, but she was killed at the end of last season by one of Slade’s soldiers against Sebastian Blood’s orders. Kate was killed before her background could be revealed. Mark Shaw is also a agent of A.R.G.U.S that has strong ties to John Diggle. In the comics Mark Shaw has a connection with the Suicide Squad. What could this new character mean of Diggle? Do you believe that we will be seeing Manhunter this season? We’ll find out when season 3 airs October 8th.

Sources: HollywoodReporter

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