JL8 Creator Yale Stewart may receive Cease & Desist

Yale Stewart, primarily known as the creator of  the very cute, and popular webcomics of  our favorite DC Comics heroes called ‘JL8’, for those that do not know, think of the Justice League depicted as young cute kids. Yale Stewart continued to state his work is completely fan-art based, although it was all completely unauthorised by DC Comics, JL8 became a real hit among comic readers and creators.




Recently, Yale Stewart was reported on two controversies, one for his sale of the unlicensed work of DC characters  for charity, and secondly, sending pictures of his genitals to a number of non-consenting women. It has now been reported by Bleeding Cool that DC Comics will go ahead in sending Yale Stewart a Cease and Desist letter preventing sales of his or any future work of any DC Comics characters.  


Source – Bleeding Cool