ARROW: Nolan Funk As Felicity Smoak’s Ex-Boyfriend

The cast of The CW’s hit show Arrow continues to expand as more reveals from the third season present themselves. The Hollywood Reporter shared that Nolan Funk (Glee) will be appearing in Arrow as Felicity Smoak’s hacker ex-boyfriend from her time at MIT, named Cooper Seldon. Funk will appear as Cooper in the fifth episode of the upcoming season titled “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”

Nolan Funk

The Hollywood Reporter notes that it is unknown whether or not Funk will appear in a flashback or in the present day. In addition, it has not been yet revealed if he will make an appearance in any episodes excluding the one that has been announced. However, due to the confirmation on season three’s “Olicity” pairing, it is very likely that Cooper Seldon will be making a present day appearance to cause some tension here and there and possibly play the “Perfect Ex-boyfriend role” as I like to call it.


Although, it seems very unlikely that Funk will appear simply for the sake of putting a strain of the Olicity ship. I believe that, at some point in season 3, Seldon may be revealed to somehow have an important connection to a crisis of some sort that the Arrow team will have to avert. Alternatively he may turn out to be an aid to the team in preventing said crisis.


Whatever the case may be, Funk’s appearance will definitely make waves in the DC Comics-based television show. How will this effect the Emerald Archer’s world? Find out this fall in season 3 of Arrow. Same bow time, same bow channel.


Source(s): Comic Book Resource