Review: Flash Season 0 #3

Flash 0 3_1And here we are at our first, officially, post-premiere Flash Season 0 issue.  Flash is running clean-up after the Zoo breakout.  Mrs. Snake-Lady is off killing off the man who foreclosed on the circus.  Meanwhile, the police are slowly making connections, as Barry makes them faster.  In other news, team STAR Labs discovers more on the circus link, Flash finds a  circus pendant that really has no business being there, and Flash’s suit is red.

Welcome to Filler-sville folks.



The Snake Charmer is an intriguing, if underdeveloped, villain.  I hope she doesn’t get offed quickly as so far she feels like she has a bit of potential.  As it is set between episodes 1 and 2, it does do a good job of depicting Flash as an up and coming hero with little experience.  Caitlin and Cisco definitely seem on point as far as characterizations lining up with our television counterparts.


Flash 0 3_2Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities stop.  Barry’s monologue is borderline
annoying at points, especially the “have to work out” joke.  It makes zero sense in the context of Flash’s powers, especially the image of his powers the show is feeding us.  Most characters in this issue just feel like cutouts compared to their live-action versions.  The sequence of stopping the zoo breakout is honestly more boring than entertaining.  All Barry’s chimp wrangling serves to accomplish is some pages filled and a few lame jokes.  Reveals have little impact because the circus connection was basically broadcast in the first issue.

The Verdict

Unfortunately, Flash Season 0 #3 captures very little of the magic of the show.  Instead, we get what amounts to a filler episode as the plot continues to stall before any conflict. It’s a shame how slow the pace has been, especially with such stellar showings by the tv show so far.