‘Batman V Superman’ filming shuts down Chicago Loop

Pandemonium in the central business district of Chicago as Batman V Superman filming continues, latest report this weekend is that filming is now taking place in Chicago Loop, this resulted in certain street closures according to Rich Moskal, Chicago’s Film Office.

On Saturday, Clark Street was closed between Monroe and Jackson Streets, also Dearborn streets along with Adams Street.

I wouldn’t put it past Zack Snyder for specifically picking these streets as small easter eggs for the movie.

On Sunday, Jackson Street remained closed between Wells and Clark Street, LeSalle Street was closed for some time between Jackson and Monroe Street.

More filming is taking place today, as helicopters will be filming near Navy Pier and various areas along the lakefront, but no street closures are expected, the city said.



Excitement in the streets of Chicago, Check out the link/source below for the entire Fox report, you may also find footage of our heroes filming, Enjoy!


Source – Fox News