RUMOR: Who’s Ready for Harley?

madloveIt seems as though my dreams are coming true and soon Harley Quinn will be on the big screen. It is looking like #1coverMargot Robbie is presently in negotiations to portray the loveable and feisty Harleen Quinzel in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Her name has been thrown around since the announcement of the movie along with stars such as Ryan Gosling and Will Smith. As far as Harley Quinn goes it was reported a few weeks back that English actress Cara Delevingne was up for the role. If these rumors all play out I’m confident that produces made the right choice.

Robbie had her breakout performance in The Wolf of Wall Street where she sharpened her acting chops with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese. Shes plays crazy well and that will be the emotion she needs to channel when putting on the red and black. Margot certainly looks the part. Pretty, fit, and that smile is Harley Quinn without question. In the comics, Harley Quinn is a special case. Her origin started on the widely loved Batman: The Animated Series. Harley was so well received writers had no choice but to bring her into the comic lore.

Now that it seems more likely that the casting is set for Ms. Quinzel one question remains. Which costume will David Ayers deem acceptable for Harley’s first date with hollywood? Could we see something from the Arkham game series or maybe even a new take on the costume? In my opinion, there are two options that would make even the most die-hard fans happy. It has to be either the classic jumpsuit or the costume from Assault on Arkham. Obviously the original jumpsuit would be best. It’s classic and let’s be honest, Margot would look great. The Assault on Arkham outfit would work because I feel like it is just an updated, more adult version of the original. No skirt and no silly cape.

These rumors are coming suspiciously close to the Jared Leto/Joker announcement. If Joker is going to be in Suicide Squad Harley Quinn is a must. If anything having both sets of information is the best case scenario. Each one legitimizes the other and it appears inevitable. Soon we will get a new Clown Prince of Crime and his crazy accomplice, Harley Quinn.

Suicide Squad is scheduled for 2016

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Source: IGN & NYDailyNews