The Flash Ep. 5 “Plastique”


“Dude, it just exploded.”

The Flash continues to right it’s earlier wrongs and presents us with a deep “villain” this week. Villain is in quotes because does anyone really see Plastique in the ranks of Captain Cold or Mist? Not really, and that’s why this week was so important, the focus was shared between Bette aka Plastique and Barry and it paid off. We got some real character development from everyone involved, especially the overgrowing creepy Harrison Wells.

Both Plastique and General Eiling were thrown into this episode and both of them did not fail in keeping us entertained. General Eiling could have been much worse if not for the superb acting done by Clancy Brown, who should be familiar rubbing shoulders with this superhero types.

Barry and Iris’ relationship became a little more interesting after the two had a falling out due to Iris’ ever growing obsession with “The Streak.” The scene between both Flash and Iris was so “Lois Lane and Superman” that it was hard not become enamored with the scene.


Bette aka Plastique is hands down the most sympathetic villain given to us thus far. I say “is” because I’m really holding on to hope that she didn’t actually die in the explosion but more so “evolved” or something on those lines. I’m hoping she can return to Central City under the conditions of finishing her warning to Barry about the devious Dr. Wells. We still don’t quite know what he is up to but I’m assuming it won’t be anything good for Barry.

The scenes where Barry had to “push” his abilities further was astounding, from running up buildings to running on water, it was a fanboy’s dream. The visual effects are top notch and it speaks to the show’s overall quality seeing as how we’re only five episodes in! Sooner or later we have to see the “Hurricane Hands” right?

Barry debuting his “Flash” voice to Iris was equally as awesome and it’s wonderful to see just how different his voice is from Oliver Queen’s “Arrow” voice.  The juxtaposition between both The Flash and Arrow is marvelous to behold.


I feel that despite a strong outing from Plastique, her arc could have been a tad rushed. She was interesting and complex enough to where I feel she could have stuck around a bit longer and pal-ed around with Barry and Co. Also if she were around she would have broken the news on Harrison Wells and would have set up a very interesting reaction from Barry.

I thought Barry’s reaction to Iris was a little overblown as well. I understand that he’s in love with her, something that Joe West is aware of, awkward. But shunning her from his life is not going to help anything, certainly not going to stop her from continuing to write about him.


The Flash continues it’s upward trend and seems dedicated to fixing its villain problem. Add that to Barry’s newfound abilities to run up walls and over water and you’ve got another great episode.