With the second half of the story arc Worlds Finest focuses on Wonder Woman fixing her mistake to help out her long-time friends, even if they don’t know who she is just yet. Bruce, Clark and Lois are all miniaturized children versions as Wonder Woman must protect the heroes of Earth’s future before these children land in terrible danger.

3It was an interesting story as writer Paul Levitz gives us a very different view of the Trinity.  I was expecting a time jump but this story actually had a good strong grounding and flowed well into each character’s history line despite being different. Though I’m not a fan of children centered stories, this one was very well constructed having them as a well-balanced accompaniment to Wonder Woman’s main focus of the story. Little things that happen in the background of original stories can really change the outcome of everything especially in an alternative world scenario.

4The artwork was very interesting having a slightly cartoonish feel to the character designs. With big doe eyes and bright colours, the pages suited the story well. I also loved the costume change; a different universe warrants a different costume and I’m glad that Jed Dougherty added these extra special touches to the issue. The giant splash pages were packed with details and I love the very dramatic poses that Wonder Woman takes from fighting in battle to standing proud in her home island.


1I must say the twist at the end of this issue really got me good. I was not expecting Red Tornado there or that she remembered the events to recount Wonder Woman’s visit. It was a good hook for the next issue and definitely made me want to keep reading. I also thought the alternative story lines for the boys were interesting as well, the basic symbolic messages were still there but the story changed just enough for it to be totally new.


5Some of the artwork was slightly choppy. Through a personal design, it was a little simplified in some of the panels then over complicated in other. The consistency for Wonder Woman’s features bothered me the most even though her overall appearance was nice, some of her facial panels just turned out too manly.


With a unique introduction to the holy trinity’s backstories Worlds Finest is just starting to give us yet another truth to Earth’s greatest heroes. So stay tuned for the next issue to see exactly how the encounter changed the fate of Earth and of Wonder Woman’s life.