The Flash TV Show: Who is the Reverse-Flash?

1657724-time_masters___vanishing_point__6_004-552x700Fans of the CW’s hit new show, The Flash, have been circulating theories as to the identity of the Reverse-Flash. While the show’s mid-season finale, “The Man in the Yellow Suit” will show Reverse-Flash admitting to the murder of Nora Allen, viewers will still not be able to learn the identity of the man behind the mask.
The show’s producer Andrew Kreisberg and the lead actor playing the title role, Grant Gustin, were interviewed recently by Entertainment Weekly. Both have said that the show plans to both “meet and subvert” fans’ expectations.
Despite the lack of reveal, the mid-season finale promises to be a game-changer for the show. According to Grant Gustin:
“I didn’t even remotely see coming what Andrew Kreisberg told me is going to be one of the turning points with that storyline,”
While the top two suspects for the Reverse-Flash are either Harrison Wells or Eddie Thawne, the character could possibly be someone else entirely. Who do you think he might be? Let us know in the comments!


  • Cynthia Anne Womack

    Nora Allen. She replaces herself with a simulacrum because she was taken to the future for some great reason to be revealed at an appropriate time. She has to fake her death to explain her disappearance from her husband and son. (Does that have any connection to Iris’ birth in the future?)

  • Dan Schmidt

    Seeing as the TV show isn’t required to follow any source material, and that they have already introduced time travel or at least knowledge of the future, it could be anyone. Wells may yet still be the Reverse Flash. One of the Reverse Flash characters had intent to help Flash be a better hero, another idolized him before going mad, ultimately, I’d say the season will end with Barry and Reverse Flash going back to the night in the living room, Barry may or may not save his mother, and the season could end with Reverse Flash being unmasked and shown to be Barry Allen and won’t out till season 2 it’s Eobard Thawne, the guy who idolized Flash, even to the point of getting surgery to look like him. That, OR it really is Barry from the future, and he’s gone wacko from going to fast, so he has to stop himself from going nuts, and his future self. That, or it will tie up nicely by the end of season 1. Who knows. But I wouldn’t count on seeing Reverse Flash for a few episodes.