Review – Earth 2 #29

Writer: Marguerite Bennette

Cover Art: Yildiray Cinar, Gabe Eltaeb

Pencils: Andy Smith

Inks: John Trevor Scott

Colours: Peter Pantazis


Welcome to Earth 2.

As the world is subjected to meteor shower knocking most cities to rubble and chaos, Barbara and her husband Dick find themselves in peril in a refuge for the shady called Gomorrah.

e2 001


The art work is wonderfully clean. The lines crisp and the colour beautifully executed. Barbara had some really well executed panels for expression of emotions, like the fear in her eyes.

e2 002


The story itself was not strong. It was un-compelling with a lack of depth.

e2 003

Final Thought

I had a lot of issues with this story. Barbara as a cop should still have gumption that you see with Batgirl or Oracle as they are the foundations of her character. Anyone being a cop in the DC universes has to have for lack of a better expression “balls” as not only do they face the regular brand of criminals, they have metahumans. I have never read a DC cop that weak before.  Another major issue has to do with their son Johnny. As a parent your first though upon breaking free is to find your child, especially after you are told he is to be thrown back out into the chaos.  The last page showed a complete lack of parental concern for their son, and nor was their son brought up between them as they left. No mother would be like that, or a father.

I am hoping that this issue was simply a filler.