Arrow: Family Feud – Stephen Amell Wants a Crossover Between Arrow and Robbie Amell’s Firestorm

firestormDuring his recent Q&A to celebrate 3 million Facebook fans and the last day of filming in 2014, Stephen Amell said that he would like to team-up with his cousin Robbie, who appears on The Flash as Firestorm.

The Flash vs. The Arrow event broke the ice of team-ups in television. Is your hunger for hero team-ups still there? then continue reading!

In the second part of the recent Q&A by Stephen Amell on his Facebook page, the actor was asked about the possibility of a team-up with his cousin that now portrays Firestorm.

“Of course!” Amell said. “That’d be awesome. Robbie and I have shared an episode of television — Episode 108 of The Flash but we have never shared a scene together in any form, shape, shift…whatsoever. That didn’t make sense. I would love to do a team-up with Robbie. I think that would be awesome. Whether that happens on Arrow and The Flash remains to be seen.”

Robbie Amell commented before that Firestorm would win in a fight against the Arrow. Stephen shoot back at that specific comment:

“Just because you can catch on fire and make fireballs with your brain and your hands and other stuff that I’m sure Diggle would be interested in given his questions about The Flash, doesn’t mean you have tactile experience. Doesn’t mean you have any experience at all. Go play with your fire!…Kay? I survived a hellish thingamajig for five years, and like two and a half years in Starling City before someone ran a sword through my gut and kicked me off a cliff!”

During the Q&A, Amell also added that he partnered with DC Comics to produce a comic book for his wine club – Knocking Point! Interesting…..


Who would win a fight, guys? Would it be as interesting as the clash between Arrow and Flash? Sound off in the comments section below.


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Antonio Jose Chavez

Antonio Jose Chavez

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