Review – Batman Eternal #37

Writers: Tim Seely, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV

Pencils: Andrea Mutti

Ink: Andrea Mutti

Colourist: Giulia Brusco

Cover Art: Tommy Lee Edwards


In this week’s Batman Eternal, Arkham inmates are swinging deals with each other to try to get their way, Batman is being summoned by underwear clad Selina Moon-bathing on a roof, Maggie Sawyer is hanging out with Harvey Bullock, only because her Redhead isn’t home and Croc is looking to cut a deal with the Bat himself.



The art is fantastic, colour without being over the top or just shades of sepias and blues. The casino is beautiful gold, showing off the luxury and richness of the environment meant for high level gambling, while the Arkham crew are in dingy greens and greys really keeping that contrast between them very obvious. Nicely paced, didn’t linger too long at any point to make the reader get bored, but still retains those realistic moments, such as stopping to eat or cup of coffee (irished or standard).



The only negative I found was with the cover art. It doesn’t inspire me to want to pick this issue up from the comic book shelf unless I was already collecting this.


Final Thought

The highlight for me in this is the continuation of Maggie and Kate’s relationship and that it was the lack of a warm redhead at home that had our favourite regular human blonde out that night. After the drama and upset of Batwoman’s title series I  recommend this series  for any lover of Kate Kane and her relationship with her very emotionally sound  and put-together cop.

This issue is definitely no disappointment and this series is worth sticking through.