Review – Catwoman #37

Writers: Genevieve Valentine

Pencils: Garry Brown

Ink: Garry Brown

Colourist:  Lee Loughridge

Cover Art: June Chung, Jae Lee


Selina a.k.a Catwoman,  has an empire…. A beautiful casino, head of mob families and criminals…. Or does she? She is put in a position where she either blows her cover, or does the right thing.



The writer did not pick what was the obvious path, allowing the reader still some shock factors and a chance to see that Selina really does walk on the knife’s edge, and one slip and death will become her.



The art was so like Gotham Central, which just didn’t seem to make this issue pop as much as it could have especially in the casino and offices.


Final Thought

I missed a few issues of Catwoman and as a result I was very confused reading this. I recommend readers that are newer to the series to jump back a few issues, so that this will make more sense. I did enjoy that Selina is still very grey, very dark grey but not black and white. It’s one of the reasons a lot of readers enjoy Catwoman, having that “rock and a hard place” moments is something we can all associate with.