Superman Musical to Be Presented by Old Library Theatre

JPITSABIRD1-articleLargeYou read that right; the Old Library Theatre in Fair Lawn, NJ will be presenting a production of the Broadway musical, “It’s a Bird, It’s a plane, It’s Superman” for their 2015 Spring season. The musical is done in a pop art style as a homage to the comics. In it, Superman must protect Metroplis from villains such as “a mad scientist, a megalomaniacal gossip columnist and a mysterious clan of under-employed acrobats.” The musical is fun for the whole family.
Harold Prince was the director of the first production, which choreographed by Ernest Flatt and starred Jack Cassidy, Bob Holiday and Linda Lavin. It first premiered at Alvin Theatre back on March 29, 1966 and ran for a total 129 performances.
Auditions will be held from February 18-19 2015. Available roles are:
Lois Lane – 30s, reporter for The Daily Planet; strong-willed except when it comes to her love for Superman (LEAD)

Superman/Clark Kent – 30s, Kryptonian with super-human earthly powers and a secret identity as a reporter for The Daily Planet; a totally-square do-gooder (LEAD)

 Max Mencken – 30s, gossip columnist for The Daily Planet; social-climbing, power-hungry narcissist (LEAD)

 Dr. Abner Sedgwick – 30s-50s, nerdy, overlooked physicist and professor at Metropolis Institute of Technology; bent on revenge (SUPPORTING)

 Sydney Carlton – 20s, Max’s secretary at The Daily Planet; smart, sassy, sarcastic and beautiful (SUPPORTING)

 Mother/Father Ling – 40s-60s, trainer and de facto parent for a rag-tag group of dedicated acrobats called “The Flying Lings”; hard-nosed, no-nonsense Asian Sensei (SUPPORTING)

 Jim Morgan – 20s-30s, graduate student assistant working with Dr. Sedgwick; bitter, socially awkward misanthrope (FEATURED)

 Perry White – 50s-60s, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Planet; cantankerous, oblivious old-school newsman (FEATURED)

 Ensemble – 8-80s – multiple roles to include: Moll, Crooks, Bank Guards, Metropolis Citizens, Girl, Boy, Kenneth Banghart, The Flying Lings, Suspects, Tour Guide, Tourists, Freshman at M.I.T., Photographers, Man, Woman, Inspector Henderson


“It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman” will be directed by Craig M. Tiede, with musical direction by Gregory Paradis and choreography by Tabitha Boulding. The musical will be presented from April 18th through 20th, 2015.


For more information, or if interested in auditioning, please check out:

Source: The Superman Super Site