“The Flash” Panelists Reveal and Tease at PaleyFest

L-R: Andrew Kreisberg, Candice Patton, Greg Berlanti and Jesse L. Martin
L-R: Andrew Kreisberg, Candice Patton, Greg Berlanti and Jesse L. Martin

Yesterday at the PaleyFest Q&A of The Flash, the cast and crew (stars Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes and Rick Cosnett, and Executive Producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg) brought new revelations for Barry Allen and company. And these bombshells will affect Seasons 1, and leave more unanswered questions for 2:

  • We will learn how the Reverse Flash managed to fight Dr. Wells (played by Cavanagh). According to Kreisberg “very soon” people will realize “how you were able to see what you saw.”

Official First Look at the Reverse-Flash

  • Candice Patton suspects her character Iris will feel “a huge sense of betrayal” if and when she finds out Barry’s secret, especially when she learns that it was Joe’s decision.
  • According to Tom Cavanagh, “Harrison Wells is just a guy who wants to get home.” But how does Eddie Thawne play into all of this? “Eddie has an amazing arc over the season and you’re going to be so surprised,” said Rick Cosnett about his character. During the sizzle reel presented at he event, Thawne shoots two fellow officers in the back at close range. Will we finally see Thawne turn bad?

Arrow PaleyFest Reveals Dark Days for the Archer

  • Kreisberg also revealed “there’s a fairly big Flash storyline from the comics that were going to tackle in the future.” (Can you say “Flashpoint”?)
  • Berlanti and Kreisberg were also asked if Bart Allen or Wally West would appear on the show. “That’s our hope,” said Berlanti. “If we’re going to be doing something like, we’d do it in Season 2.”

The Flash returns with new episodes on the CW this Tuesday, March 17.

Sources: Deadline and TV Line


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