Review: Convergence: Titans #1

One of the many aspects that I find intriguing about Convergence is the endless “What if” scenarios that can be played out. Convergence: Titans #1 follows Arsenal, Donna Troy and Starfire through their life under the Dome until it fades away and they have to fight to defend their city from the Extremists.

As much as the art style is a throwback, it’s probably too simplistic for a story following the heroes from Pre-Flashpoint DCU, and although the issue is a good read, the artwork kept bringing me out of the read.

While it was good to see the Titans back together again, and to read a different kind of Starfire to the New 52 version; there wasn’t much going on in the story, and Donna and Kori both came off as very one dimensional. While the twist of the issue puts Roy in a pretty conflicting dilemma, there isn’t much to this issue, and although it’s possible that the issue is just a set up for a mindblowing next issue, it read more like a filler issue for an event.


I’ve loved how the tie ins have made an effort to explore life under the domes, because it’s just made Convergence seem a lot more real to me; rather than the distant and inaccessible concept that Convergence #0 left me expecting.

The Extremists are a group of villains that I haven’t read in a very long time, and seeing them go toe to toe with the Titans was exciting, and to an extent, something I didn’t really expect.


The art in this issue was simplistic, and without an obvious reason for it, I couldn’t help but want more. Similarly, the plot and characters were one dimensional, and with all the history of the Pre-Flashpoint Titans I expected better. I would also have liked more of a narrative exploration of the Extremists, and how they were handling Convergence, but it just wasn’t there.


As much as the issue served its role as a spin off to a larger event, there really wasn’t much to it, and for everything it achieved, I’ve seen other Convergence spin off do the same, but better.