No Batman for Bennett’s DC Bombshells


The DC Bombshells series was recently discussed at this year’s Denver Comic Con. Writer Marguerite Bennett gave some insight into the world of the upcoming series and the heroes that inhabit it.

Bennett was on the DC All Access Panel at the Denver Comic Con when she revealed that Bruce Wayne’s parents were never murdered in the Bombshells world. Instead, Batwoman saved the Waynes, and as a consequence Bruce never became Batman.

“[The] whole concept of the story is that heroines came first, that there were no women who were derivative of their male counterparts”

Based on the popular artwork by Ant Lucia, the DC Comics Bombshells will be set during an alternate version of World War II and will feature Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl.

DC Bombshells will be one of DC’s Digital First line-up and will be digitally released this July. The first print collection will be out August 12th.