Green Lantern 75th Anniversary Variant Covers

“…Beware My Power, Green Lantern’s Light!” If you are a fan of the Emerald Guardian, rejoice!

DC Comics is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Green Lantern with 25 variant covers. And although Hal Jordan is prominently featured, there are covers that also include Pre-Crisis Earth 2 GL Alan Scott, John Stewart and future GL Kai-Ro to name a few. The Corps will be mixing it up with Batman, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow and other heavy hitters in the DC Universe.

DC will culminate the celebration with the release of Green Lantern: A Celebration of 75 Years on September 30. As for the variants, click on the images below to take a peek!

The full list of variants include:

ACTION COMICS #44 illustrated by Neil Edwards & Jay Leisten
AQUAMAN #44 illustrated by Francis Manapul
BATMAN #44 illustrated by Tony Daniel
BATMAN BEYOND #4 illustrated by Craig Rousseau
BATMAN/SUPERMAN #24 illustrated by Dave Bullock
BLACK CANARY #4 illustrated by Evan Shaner
CATWOMAN #44 illustrated by Emanuella Luppacino
CYBORG #3 illustrated by Kenneth Roccafort
DEATHSTROKE #10 illustrated by Dave Johnson
DETECTIVE COMICS #44 illustrated by Cliff Chiang
THE FLASH #44 illustrated by Wes Craig
GRAYSON #12 illustrated by Andrew Robinson
GREEN ARROW #44 illustrated by Neal Adams
GREEN LANTERN #44 illustrated by Howard Chaykin
HARLEY QUINN #20 illustrated by Dan Panosian
JUSTICE LEAGUE #44 illustrated by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
JLA #4 illustrated by Alex Garner
ROBIN: SON OF BATMAN #4 illustrated by Howard Porter
SINESTRO #15 illustrated by Ryan Sook
STARFIRE #4 illustrated by Lee Garbett
NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #12 illustrated by Ryan Benjamin
SUPERMAN #44 illustrated by Kevin Nowlan
SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #21 illustrated by Joe Quinones
TEEN TITANS #12 illustrated by Mike McKone
WONDER WOMAN #44 illustrated by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

Sources: DC Comics and IGN

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