Batman Themed Father’s Day Gift Gets Death Threats

Today is June 21.  The third Sunday in June is commonly recognized in several countries around the world as Father’s Day. For a Father’s Day gift combining her husband’s love of their family and The Dark Knight, Wisconsin resident Roxanne Daly arranged a Batman themed photoshoot.

She had her husband, Mike Daly, dressed as Batman. Then their son, Finn, was dressed as Robin. Roxanne played the damsel in distress. The photoshoot took place on railroad tracks in Wisconsin. The Finns posted their photos on social media, and they went viral overnight with over 200,000 likes.

Then, troubles came. The Dalys received a lot of backlash for the photos; from being called unfit parents for placing young Finn and themselves in danger, to death threats against their family. They were even accused of promoting illegal activity on train tracks. “Some people posted our address online, making threats that they would come in the middle of the night,” said Mike Daly. “I was begging him to get a hotel because I was terrified,” said Roxanne Daly.

The Dalys had no idea this Father’s Day gift would create such controversy. They’ve reported everything to police, but as of this report authorities have taken no action.

Sources: ABC30 and YouTube

Kevin Gunn

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