Top Ten Moments In DC Animated Movies

DC All Access has released a countdown of the Top Ten moments in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line. DCAA Co-Host Jason Inman narrates the rundown of the top picks. You can find the video below, but for those who still like to read, here’s the rundown. ***Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen Justice League: Gods and Monsters yet, what’s wrong with you? You may not want to continue reading this post or viewing the video***:

10. Batman: Assault On Arkham (2014) – Deadshot and his Task Force X team encounter the Joker at Arkham Asylum.

9.  Justice League: New Frontier (2008) – Barry Allen aka The Flash delivers a stern warning to Captain Cold.

8. Superman: Doomsday (2007) – Lex Luthor’s Superman clone conducts surgery… on himself!

7. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010) – Darkseid tries to ambush Clark and Kara on the Kent Farm… big mistake!

6. Superman Vs. The Elite (2012) – Superman reveals to Manchester Black and The Elite what happens when he doesn’t hold back.

5. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Part 1 (2012) – Bruce comes out of retirement and does what he does best.

4. All-Star Superman (2011) – A super powered Lex Luthor beats a dying Man of Steel to a pulp, but is then distracted.

3. Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths (2011) – Batman fights Owlman on Earth Prime to save all of reality.

2. Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015) – Highfather and The New Gods set a devious trap for Darkseid and his clan… wait, what?

1. Batman: Under The Red Hood (2010) – Jason Todd and Batman go toe to toe. Then Jason reveals his endgame.

All 25 of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line from Warner Animation are available at retailers and online now. Recently, a collection of DVD and Blu-Ray with graphic novels have also been released and are available.

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