Stephen Amell Hints At Green Arrow For SummerSlam

Fans of WWE wrestling will likely see “the man in the hood” participating the upcoming SummerSlam event. The reason for that is a very heated rivalry between Arrow star Stephen Amell and WWE‘s Stardust which started as a Twitter taunt but escalated very quickly. Stardust went so far as to use Amell’s catchphrase “You have failed this city!”

Earlier today, Stephen Amell posted a video via Facebook that gave fans a small sneak peek at what to expect this coming Sunday by showing off a very familiar pair of boots and the top that goes with them.


I’m sure fans will recognize the boots and come to an exciting revelation. But just in case the top half of the Green Arrow suit wasn’t a dead giveaway, here’s the breakdown. Stephen Amell WILL be wearing the famous Arrow costume from the hit television show, of which he is the star of. That’s right, fans. The Green Arrow is wrestling at the WWE SummerSlam. Amell is currently filming for season 4 of Arrow but it seems his alter ego will also be making his way to the wrestling ring.

Are you excited to see the Green Arrow take on Stardust? I know I am. I’m hoping Amell’s Green Arrow will be a playable character in the more recent WWE video game. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!